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Creative Web Design & Development

We bring your business to life digitally through designing and developing beautiful WordPress, Shopify and Custom websites, including Web Apps, to meet your needs. Our solutions keep your users engaged, increases conversion rates and boosts sales for the long-term.

Web Design Services that Disrupt Industries

Our creative Web Design Includes

Diverse Range of Platforms and Website Solutions

Our expert Designers and Developers have vast experience across WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Magento, Modx and much more, providing you with the web solution you need.

Whether you are looking to build a templated site on a budget, a completely custom web design/build solution or a hybrid in-between, EkoTech can help.

Custom Bespoke Web Design - Uniquely Customised to your Business through UX/UI Design

Design is at the heart of our website design company. Our UX & UI web designers strive to ensure every website we create is jaw-droppingly beautiful, responsive and perfectly in-line with the business’s brand and long term goals. Our team first conducts research of your business and analyses the performance data to select the best-fitting layouts and designs, with your branding taken into full consideration when constructing your future bespoke website design. If you have opted for a completely custom web design, our team starts with the remit of producing wireframes and a prototyped web design that can be tailored to accommodate your tone, style and specific requirements. All approved by you before any web development begins. We apply the user-centred design approach when creating your website to ensure it is user-friendly, engaging your viewers and reflects your brand personality in a clean, elegant manner.

Responsive Web Development (Mobile Optimised)

As a leading Web Development Agency, we do not cut corners. Every website we design and develop as part of our web development services, are built to work effortlessly on mobile and tablets using expert responsive web design via JS & CSS.

This establishes optimal user experience irrelevant of device, whilst ensuring your site meets Google’s and other major search engines guidelines to enable optimal SEO.

E-commerce Web Design

EkoTech as a Web Development Agency specialises in secure & enterprise-level e-commerce web solutions as part of our web design services. Our expert e-commerce web designers are adept in a number of platforms including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress & Webflow. Whether you are setting up a drop-shipping store, a local business shop, a multinational store, or even virtual products, EkoTech has the expertise to bring this to market with the explosiveness you require. All E-Commerce platforms we develop are also 100% SEO optimised for E-Commerce, an absolute necessity for any online store.

Animation, Interactivity & Immersion

Our Web Design & Development Team will work work closely with you and our designers to ensure your page truly comes to life! Plain, motionless and flat web design no longer suffices. We make it our absolute priority to ensure every website we create is interactive, animated where required and immersive beyond expectations. All creating a unique user experience for every visitor, but one that also fundamentally converts.

SEO Optimised

EkoTech is not just a web development company, we also specialise in SEO. Our expert SEO team will ensure your new website is 100% SEO optimised to get you to the top of Google & other major search engines so you can outrank your closest competition. We will work closely with you to determine what keywords matter to you, and implement the SEO strategy accordingly. In addition to your website, EkoTech can build a full-scale SEO strategy for your business ensuring long-term scalability, visibility and therefore competitivity in the marketplace.

Secure & GDPR Compliant

Website security and GDPR are two paramount features no website can operate without. Atomic make it our utmost priority to ensure your new website is not only stunning but also secure and GDPR compliant. GDPR and Data Processing, in particular, is a daunting topic to many but Atomic are here to implement, guide and assist you throughout the entire process.

Bespoke Website Design & Development: What can you Expert?


EkoTech is a leading Web Design Company consisting of a team of creative designers and experienced developers adept in a multitude of web development platforms. This includes WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Magento, Squarespace, Joomla or a fully custom web solution. Which solution you opt for depends entirely upon your budget, goals, and time scales. Available services include; 

  • Shopify Web Development Services
  • WordPress Web Development Services
  • Webflow Web Development Services
  • Custom Development (Bespoke Web Design) Services

Generally, it depends on the specification. Due to the customisation and complexity of websites, it’s extremely hard to state exact time scales on our web development services and much depends on our client’s feedback. That said, from our vast experience as a bespoke web design agency, our average time-frame for our Web Design and Development services is around 4-8 weeks for a 5-10 page website to give you an idea.

Most certainly! Our skilled web design and development team can integrate your website with whatever external platforms you require. This includes but is not limited to, CRMs, Lead Gen Services, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Live Chats, and much more. Our web design services are comprehensive and thorough. 

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